#1 He’s snoopy. He eavesdrops on your conversations with your friends, when you’re talking over the phone, texting, or reading your emails. Sometimes, you may even catch him scanning your phone’s call logs. And at other times, he may confront you with your phone bill and ask you to explain why you’ve been calling a particular friend so much!

#2 Everyone likes you. Each time you speak to a guy or laugh at his joke, your boyfriend accuses you of flirting with the guy or encouraging him to flirt with you.

He constantly tells you that every guy you talk to has a crush on you or is being nice to you only because that guy finds you attractive. And when some guy tries to hit on you out the blue or tries to ask you out, your boyfriend says “I told you so!” like it was your fault.

#3 Your own life. Your guy hates it when you want to do something by yourself. He behaves like he has a moral obligation to oversee everything you do *for your safety, of course*. And he’s always happiest when your life revolves around him and his life.

#4 He’s one step ahead. When you just start dating, he behaves like he’s your boyfriend already. And when he becomes your boyfriend, he tries to behave like your husband! He’s always one step ahead in the commitment game, especially when he sees that you have a lot of guy friends.

#5 Beck and call. You always have to be available for him, even if you’re out with friends or want to spend a day by yourself. Even if you’re having dinner with friends or in the middle of a serious conversation, he expects you to answer his call and speak to him for as long as he wants, or he just gets upset or gives you the silent treatment!

#6 Jealousy. He’s insanely jealous, no matter how much you prove your love for him. He constantly tells you that you treat him badly, or tells you that he doesn’t believe you love him as much as he loves you.

#7 He scares you. The more you agree with him, or avoid people just to make him feel more secure or loved in the relationship, the more happier he feels. You may not have realized this yet, but the more awkward and uncomfortable you feel around others, the more comfortable and happy he feels about the relationship.

#8 Big talk. Your guy hates it when you speak highly about someone else. He starts to dislike any person who seems to be high on your list of nice people, and he constantly tries to pick flaws in people you admire just to convince you that they aren’t all that great.

#9 Opposing views. A dominating boyfriend wouldn’t like it if you oppose his views or want to do something that’s against his wishes. Instead of just accepting the difference in opinion, he would force you into believing that he’s right and you’re wrong.

#10 The helping hand. He expects you to come running to him each time you have an issue, irrespective of whether he can help you or not. He wants you to think of him as the only point of help for everything, and he gets irritated if you take help from someone else or do something on your own. By doing this, he’s subconsciously trying to make you dependent on him, so he can mold you into the perfect image of the girlfriend he’s built in his head.

#11 He confuses you. His behavior is hard to read, and you’re always left confused. On one hand, he seems like the nicest and most caring guy you can find. And on the other hand, he seems like he has control and anger issues. And you convince yourself that his controlling behavior is a small part of him that’s worth overlooking. After all, he does love you a lot!

#12 Suspicious behavior. He’s convinced that he has reason to doubt your fidelity. He constantly believes he’s caught you cheating, even if you’re just having a friendly conversation with a guy friend or a coworker.

#13 Emotionally weak. Your guy gets sad or angry very easily, whenever you go against his wishes or talk to any other guy. And over time, just to please him, you avoid talking to other guys or avoid doing anything that may even remotely offend him. But what you may not realize is that he’s getting exactly what he wants, total control over your life and the way you live it.

#14 He watches you. When the both of you are out together, he constantly watches the way you interact with others *other guys*. And after almost every social gathering, he always seems to have a few things to say, especially about how much attention you were giving some other guy.

#15 It’s your fault. He blames you each time some guy shows any interest in you. He hates it when you make new friends of the opposite sex, and tells you that you’re leading guys on just to have fun behind his back.

#16 The guilt trip. He makes you feel guilty when you choose to spend time with someone else, other than him. He may not accuse you of anything, but the way he talks to you when you meet him later would make you feel like a bad partner who’s ignoring her man.

#17 Bad mouthing. He speaks ill of everyone who’s close to you. And he doesn’t waste any opportunity to show a family member or close friend in bad light. He may do this subconsciously to isolate you from anyone who could give you support. After all, he wants to be the only important and special person in your life.

#18 Possessive. He behaves like both of you possess each other. He loves saying that you belong to him. And the more you try to get your own space in the relationship, the harder and more desperately he tries to cling to you or intrude into your personal space.

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